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TRG recognizes the benefits that remotely operated unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) bring to many industries.  UAS assets provide significant cost savings compared to manned aviation operations, provide real-time data solutions, perform operations that mitigate exposure of personnel to hazards, and are rapidly deployable across the United States. 


TRG has developed our UAS Program to exceed industry standards including Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for remote pilots.  TRG’s UAS Crews are experienced in real-time data collection, infrared sensor operations, regulated and tactical response planning, geographic information systems, and emergency response. 

TRG’s UAS Program offers hundreds of hours of experience in the use of electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) thermography sensor systems to enhance our client’s ability to inspect assets, detect radiant heat releases, verify suspected leaks, and enhance situational awareness.

Gas Plant_Medium.JPG


The UAS Program enhances TRG’s Response Planning by collecting the most current data from our client’s sites.  TRG’s UAS assets support response plans by providing current imagery of facilities and properties impacted by operations.  The data collected by the UAS assets can be used to assess drainage and containment to aid in developing appropriate response strategies tailored to the specific location. 



TRG’s fleet of unmanned aircraft enhance the safety and effectiveness of response operations by providing a cost-effective method for gaining situation awareness.  UAS assets reduce the risk to responders and minimize response costs typically associated with manned flights over hazardous or prohibited areas.  Our UAS Crews are experienced NIMS ICS responders to incidents across all-hazards and meet the current FEMA requirements for Type 1 UAS Teams.


TRG offers geographic information systems (GIS) services to provide two- and three-dimensional products.  The UAS assets collect high resolution imagery data that can be processed to support our client’s GIS needs.  The integration of GIS and UAS provides for the most up-to-date imagery and mapping products to be developed and tailored to our clients’ specific requests.

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