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Having the right plans in place is necessary, and not just for regulatory compliance. A robust contingency planning program is the cornerstone of any company’s emergency preparedness and response capability. By writing effective, useable plans, any organization has a solid foundation for what to do in the event that things go wrong, whether that be an injury, fire, unintentional release, or any other emergency that could be faced.


Our team of contingency planners uses their vast experience and capabilities to meet each of our client’s regulatory and non-regulatory planning needs on a fully customized basis. We provide solutions for our clients that integrate necessary regulatory requirements, use of the Incident Command System, and industry best practices into plans that are user friendly and functional when they are needed most. 


By working with our clients to collaboratively write plans that work for each of their unique needs, we provide the best available contingency planning solutions in the industry.

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  • Emergency Management Program Review and Audit

  • Emergency Response System Audits

  • Facility Security Audits

  • Facility Security Assessments

  • HSE Audits

  • All content plan audits

Plans & System Audits

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  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Exploratory Permit Plans

  • Facility & Vessel Security Plans

  • Facility Response Plans

  • Integrated Contingency Plans

  • Oil Spill Contingency Plans

  • Oil Spill Response Plans

  • Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure Plans

  • Vessel Response Plans 

Regulatory Planning

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  • Business Support Plans

  • Business Continuity Plans

  • Business Impact Analysis

  • Crisis Management Plans

  • Emergency Management Plans

  • Emergency Management Program Development

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Hurricane and Severe Weather Plans

Non Regulatory Planning

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Through careful planning, detailed field surveys, environmental sensitivity identification, and a combination of GIS Mapping, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and the Incident Command System (ICS) form integration, we can develop a fully-functional Tactical Response Guide in order to provide a more efficient response to any incident. Our staff has prepared hundreds of Tactical Response Guides both domestic and internationally. 

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In coordination with local facility fire teams, we  can develop accurate and fully-functional Pre-Fire Plans for buildings, tanks and process units among others to provide a more efficient response to a multitude of fire scenarios. Once implemented, the Pre-Fire Plans will standardize the templates currently in place across an organization.  Our staff has years of combined firefighting experience including current and previous firefighters to custom-tailor each plan while leveraging industry best practices.

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