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The Response Group™ has been directly involved in pre-planning and facilitation of many types of emergency response management team drills/exercises both in the US and internationally. These have ranged from small tabletop exercises to large full-scale exercises encom­passing multiple levels of management response at geographically spread locations.


The Response Group provides the full suite of exercise design services.  As a single point service provider, TRG can assist with everything from scenario development through after action reporting.  We have customizable tools and highly experienced staff to help develop world class exercise control and evaluation.  Exercise facilitation and control support may also include our customizable tools and direct links to other software services.



During exercises we can provide well trained staff to fills positions, coach client personnel, and/or document exercise activities.  By supporting hundreds of large scale exercises each year, TRG stays current on response techniques and the latest trends in regulations and polices.


TRG’s staff of experienced evaluators are skilled at measuring client’s Exercise Evaluation Goals and Components.  We are also very experienced at documenting evaluations utilizing the National Preparedness for Response and Exercise Program (NPREP) and state specific objective such as those found in California, Washington, and Alaska.  Furthermore, TRG works with clients to develop custom evaluation criteria to best align evaluations with critical client specific assessments.



In addition to the larger exercise services, TRG also provides a quarterly notification drill services.  Our drills may be as simple or complex as our client’s needs.  We are proud to offer QI drills that go well beyond simply notifications and allows these drills to become an opportunity to identify areas for response improvements and train staff as appropriate.



Understanding that responses may happen anywhere at any time, TRG offers a large range of tools and equipment to support your command post or emergency operations center and ensure they are prepared.  TRG can provide, or arrive with, equipment that is continuously ready for rapid deployment.  Please also look at our online store for tools that may be purchased for exercises, trainings, and general command post readiness.

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