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The Common Operating Picture (COP) is a command and control tool that provides situational awareness enabling users to make accurate, informed decisions. Data is integrated from multiple sources to support all functions of a response using one spatial data platform. The COP will provide the acting incident management team with a comprehensive picture to make adjustments to any current activity and also plan ahead for the next operational period.


Our Common Operating Picture (COP) is a direct visual linkage into ICS form-data enhancing situational awareness for any type of event. By developing and managing custom widgets to enhance the user experience, the COP sets itself apart from the rest of the competition with real-time data inputs from the members on your response team. With its direct tie-in to the IAP Software, the tool is web-based, aiding in remote collaboration and coordinated decision making regardless of the location. When your assets are overlaid in COP, the system’s capabilities are enhanced as it centralizes all data and overlays real-time information as it relates to your areas of interest allowing the users to make real-time, informed decisions.


The COP is administered by your organization to fit your needs and allows users to ensure appropriate and accurate information is provided on demand.  This out-of-the-box solution provides free access to our maintained GIS data dictionary and public basemap services including environmental and socio-economic datasets for both land or offshore environments and domestic or international sites.

Our COP was developed as an all-hazards approach to situational awareness and is an excellent tool to support day-to-day operations, event planning, and incident response.

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