Virtual Trainings and Exercises

Is your organization prepared to respond effectively with a “virtual” response organization should you experience an incident today?

Can TRG conduct Virtual Training? Absolutely!

Our entire suite of ICS and Software training courses can be delivered through our virtual classrooms.

Can TRG help you plan, facilitate, and execute a seamless Virtual Tabletop Exercise? Yes, we can!!

TRG has supported numerous responses and exercises remotely utilizing our virtual platforms and our suite of web-based software applications like IAP Software and Jetty.

IAP Software and Jetty, along with the suite of Mobile Apps, have been tested and proven to be powerful communication, collaboration, planning and information management tools. These tools will facilitate and meet the needs for a successful response, exercise, or training while allowing social distancing and minimizing the need for large gathering of people.

Contact Us to plan and develop the next level of capability in your training, response, and exercise program!

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